Green Deal Community

Green Deal Data Space Foundation aims at fostering an international cross-sectoral Community of Practice, which will shape and constitute the future Data Space through the provision and use of data. To facilitate the creation of the Community of Practice, GREAT calls together the core of the Community – the Task Forces, which will represent and bring on board reference Use Cases.


Use Case – a concrete example of innovative use of data in the support of the Green Deal implementation, which already brings or will bring benefits to the service providers, users, and the broader community.

The Use Cases will contribute to the creation of a methodology for the development of Green Deal Data Space. Use Cases will serve as a reference for the guidelines created and suggested standards. Managed by the Task Forces, Use Cases will respond to GREAT’s consultations.

Apply for the call for Use Cases! (link to Get involved section).

The Use Case will serve as a reference point in the creation of the future Green Deal Data Space and will be promoted by the project through its website, social media, and other materials, to increase its visibility.
Task Force – a group of stakeholders representing, preferably the whole or at least a relevant part of, the value chain involved in a use case (including inter alia provider of the service, data provider/data broker, user, etc.).
Task Force is responsible for bringing on board all the stakeholders relevant for the Use Case and participating in consultations launched by GREAT.

Task Force is led by a member of the GREAT Team and should involve at least 5 representatives of the Use Case. Task Force leader is the main point of contact with the Use Case, and is responsible for ensuring the stakeholders’ participation in consultations and onboarding relevant stakeholders.

Apply for the call for Use Cases! (link to Get involved section).

With your Task Force and with your Use Case, you can shape the future Green Deal Data Space according to your needs. You will also become a part of a pan-European network of stakeholders coming from diverse sectors and markets. Your Use Case and involved stakeholders will as well be featured on GREAT website and GREAT social media to increase your visibility and promote your initiatives.

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