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Co-chairs: Franz Immler (EC/DG-RTD) & Johan Bodenkamp (EC/DG-CNECT)

Scope and Objectives: The session aims to discuss how we should provide and convert, for the EuroGEO community, massive data produced by space-derived sensors and in-situ monitoring networks, which requires a high level of technical expertise and computing capacity.

  • Discuss the planned results and outcomes of recently started Horizon Europe projects in this area
  • Shape collaborations between these projects
  • Understand recent evolutions on Green Deal data spaces, ESA Network of Resources, Copernicus Data Access Service
  • Discuss experiences with European platforms

Presentations – Layout: 

  • Green Deal Data Spaces [15 min], Johan Bodenkamp (EC/DG-CNECT)
  • Status on the Usability of the available European Platforms based on e-shape return on experience [10 min], Marie-Françoise Voidrot (OGC)
  • The technical evolution of environmental data sharing – a perspective from the JRC [10 min], Alexander Kotsev (EC/JRC)
  • Copernicus Data Access Service [10 min], Jolyon Martin (ESA) & Razvan Cosac (ESA)
  • Discussion [30 min]
  • EIFFEL – AI-powered data query and semantic search technologies that leverage advanced cognitive features to understand the human language and perform climate change-specific enquiries. The use case of GEOSS platform [15 min], Dimitris Bliziotis (ISENSE) & Yannis Kopsinis (LIBRA)

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