Stakeholder Fora

The Stakeholder Forums play a pivotal role in our project, contributing to the roadmap and overarching vision for the future Green Deal Data Space.

Each Stakeholder Forum is designed as an interactive online webinar, with a specific focus on key elements of the EU’s Green Deal strategy. Our emphasis centres on Biodiversity, Zero Pollution Action Plan, and Climate Change Adaptation strategies.

Our primary objective is to engage and captivate the relevant community of stakeholders, fostering profound discussions that revolve around specific Case Studies. These discussions revolve around the user requirements and challenges that are integral to the three primary pillars of GREAT: the Technical Blueprint, Datasets, and Governance Models.

Upcoming Stakeholder Forum on Climate Change Adaptation

1st Stakeholder Forum on Biodiversity

Our speakers:

⭐ Gerrit Hendriksen, Deltares

⭐ Dr Jasmin Lampert , AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

⭐ Dr. Marcelle Lock, RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment