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EXPANDEO 2023 is the Annual Conference of EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies. EXPANDEO is the event where the European Earth Observation companies but also stakeholders get the chance to learn about current policies to which the EO sector could make a contribution but also different market opportunities while growing their business through networking and other interactive sessions.

Join EXPANDEO 2023 on the 13th-14th of June 2023, in Brussels and online to get involved in the discussion of how Earth observation (EO) contributes to EU policies creating interactions with different stakeholders and also how EU policies are driving new EO products and services.

Why attend?
This a great opportunity to learn from policy experts about current key EU Policy domains and how EO can be a key enabling tool, better understand the needs of different sectors, explore the evolution of the underlying infrastructure, the optimal uptake of EO and modern ways to raise awareness on key topics with the help of EO, exchange with your colleagues, connect with old friends, find new partners and build strong relationships.

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