The American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference provided a platform for the Green Deal Data Space (GREAT) initiative to engage with Earth and space scientists on the subject of environmental data management and governance.

The conference, known for its comprehensive coverage of topics such as climate change, environmental science, and Earth observation, attracted a diverse audience including researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. GREAT took advantage of this gathering to underscore the importance of accessing complementary data related to environmental issues and the potential for partnerships with organizations like NASA and NOAA.

The event featured presentations covering various aspects of data management and analysis, including discussions on data quality challenges, machine learning applications, and climate research software and platforms. Sebastien Denvil represented GREAT, presenting the initiative’s roadmap and strategic vision, emphasizing the significance of data interoperability and stakeholder engagement.

Participation in the AGU conference allowed GREAT to connect with experts in Earth and environmental sciences, fostering potential partnerships and knowledge exchange. The presentation sparked interest and discussions on collaboration opportunities and future research directions.

Overall, the AGU conference served as a valuable platform for GREAT to advance its mission of leveraging data for environmental sustainability.