In a recent collaborative effort, the Green Deal Data Space (GREAT) project joined forces with WATERVERSE and other key entities such as Water Europe, FIWARE Foundation, and Big Data Value Association for an online workshop titled “From the GREAT and WATERVERSE Experience to Future Water Data Spaces.”

The workshop, held on April 16, 2024, aimed to explore the intersection of data management in the water sector and the broader goals of establishing data spaces in Europe. With the implementation of the EU Strategy for data poised to drive a digital shift, initiatives like GREAT and WATERVERSE are instrumental in laying the groundwork for future data spaces.

WATERVERSE focuses on releasing methodologies and tools to support data management in the water sector, aligning with the vision of creating Water Data Spaces. By collaborating with GREAT and other relevant stakeholders, WATERVERSE aims to contribute to data sharing and standardization efforts from a water data perspective.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to delve into the objectives and methodologies of both projects, identify synergies, and discuss requirements and specifications for future Water Data Spaces. The event fostered an open dialogue among stakeholders from various communities, including Water Europe, FIWARE Foundation, Big Data Value Association, and ICT4Water.