The Roadmap towards a Green Deal Data Space: A Recap of the GREAT Project Session

On November 28, 2023, stakeholders and experts convened in Brussels, Belgium, at the Borschette Conference Centre for a pivotal session titled “Roadmap towards a Green Deal Data Space.” Hosted by the GREAT project within the Preparatory Action of the Green Deal Data Space (GDDS), this session offered a comprehensive exploration of the project’s initial outcomes and progress towards realizing the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Key pillars of the GDDS, including the Technical Blueprint, Governance Schemes and Business Models, Priority Data Sets, and a strategic roadmap, took center stage during the 90-minute session. Participants gained valuable insights into the foundational framework of the GDDS, enabling seamless data integration and interoperability across sectors. High Priority Data Sets were identified and defined to support crucial use cases essential for achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal.

The inclusive multi-stakeholder governance scheme, discussed during the session, empowered selected reference use cases and their associated value chains within the GDDS ecosystem. This approach aimed to enhance the impact of these use cases while ensuring alignment with stakeholder priorities.

Sebastien Denvil from ECMWF shed light on the strategic roadmap designed to accelerate the creation and adoption of the GDDS digital ecosystem. The implementation roadmap, aligned with stakeholder priorities, emphasized key resources, architectural considerations, and governance.

Mattia Santoro from CNR, Marta Gutierrez from EGI Foundation, and Charis Chatzikyriakou from EODC provided further insights into the Technical Blueprint, Governance Models, and Data Sets, respectively.

The session also highlighted GREAT’s co-design approach, which incorporates the input, requirements, validation, and endorsements of stakeholders from diverse domains. This method ensures a holistic, cross-sectoral vision for the GDDS, fostering collaboration and innovation.

The event provided stakeholders with a unique opportunity to stay informed about developments in the Green Deal Data Space and contribute feedback for future deployment actions. An open discussion and Q&A session allowed for further engagement and clarification.

As the session concluded, attendees left with a deeper understanding of the GDDS and its implications for the European Green Deal. The event underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in realizing the vision of a sustainable digital future.