The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2023, held in Vienna, Austria, from April 23-28, marked a significant moment for the GREAT project. EGU, a non-profit organization with over 20,000 scientists from across the globe, provided a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange in Earth, planetary, and space sciences. 

Being a part of EGU 2023 was crucial for GREAT, as it allowed the project to not only showcase its expertise and contributions but also foster international collaborations, extending its impact and reach in the field of Earth and space sciences on a global scale. 


GREAT actively participated in EGU 2023 through several activities: 

Splinter Meeting: Connecting the Dots for a Green Deal Data Space 

GREAT hosted a highly engaging Splinter Meeting dedicated to the future Green Deal Data Space. This session provided a platform for stakeholders from across the data value chain to collaborate and actively participate in shaping the Green Deal Data Space initiative. The meeting was attended by around 40 participants. 

What the Meeting Entailed:

  • Engaging Discussion: The Splinter Meeting offered a forum for attendees representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including data providers, brokers, and potential users, to engage in lively discussions. Participants explored the benefits and challenges of the Green Deal Data Space and the opportunities it presents. 
  • Technical Insights: Attendees had the unique opportunity to delve into the technical requirements, user needs, and provider solutions for the Green Deal Data Space. Through expert-led discussions and peer interaction, participants gained valuable insights into the project’s technical aspects. 
  • Co-Creation: The session was designed to encourage co-creation. Stakeholders collaborated in shaping the future of the Green Deal Data Space, contributing their ideas, requirements, and expertise to ensure the initiative’s success. 

All topics included Q&A sessions and open discussions, encouraging active participation and the exchange of valuable insights. This Splinter Meeting played a pivotal role in advancing the Green Deal Data Space initiative. It provided a unique platform for stakeholders to come together, share their perspectives, and actively contribute to shaping the future of this significant project.  


ESSI2.2 Session: “Data Spaces: Battling Environmental and Earth Science Challenges with Floods of Data” 

GREAT also hosted an insightful session discussing and sharing different activities focused on designing, building, operating, and governing data spaces. The event successfully brought together a diverse array of projects and initiatives, all contributing to the consolidation and innovation of data ecosystems within and beyond the realm of environmental and Earth sciences. The insights exchanged in this session further underscored the pivotal role of data spaces in shaping the future of data-driven research and decision-making.


Oral Presentations Highlights: 

  • “Towards the European Green Deal Data Space” by Marta Gutierrez David and team: This presentation explored the path towards the creation of the Green Deal Data Space, focusing on its significance for environmental data sharing. 
  • “What does the European Spatial Data Infrastructure INSPIRE need in order to become a Green Deal Data Space?” by Joan Masó and colleagues: This talk discussed the requirements for INSPIRE to evolve into a Green Deal Data Space. 
  • “Destination Earth – Processing Near Data and Massive Data Handling” by Danaele Puechmaille and team: This presentation highlighted the processing of near data and massive data handling within the Destination Earth initiative. 
  • “The ESA Green Transition Information Factories” by Patrick Griffiths and colleagues: This presentation delved into the use of Earth Observation and cloud-based analytics to address Green Transition information needs.

Poster Session Highlights: 

  • Several posters in the Earth & Space Science Informatics program group showcased research findings, including topics such as: 
  • An EOSC-enabled Data Space environment for the climate community. 
  • Coastal Digital Twins and knowledge building through numerical models and IT tools. 
  • The brokering approach empowering the WMO data space for hydrology. 
  • Spatio-Temporal Datacube Infrastructures. 
  • EO4EU – AI-augmented ecosystem for Earth Observation data accessibility. 
  • And more.

EGU 2023 Townhall Meeting: Navigating the Open Science Universe and Marta Gutierrez’s Vision 

Marta Gutierrez (EGI), a prominent figure in the GREAT project, actively contributed to the EGU 2023 Townhall Meeting. This session aimed to envision the future of scientific research by exploring the possibilities of fully integrating online data sets, tools, and research infrastructures across scientific domains and geographical boundaries. Participants engaged in a cosmic journey, seeking to identify existing opportunities and envision spectacular scientific breakthroughs through Open Science approaches. Simultaneously, they addressed the current obstacles and challenges, brainstorming innovative solutions to pave the way for unprecedented advancements in data integration and collaborative science. Marta Gutierrez’s participation underscored GREAT’s commitment to fostering a data sovereign, interoperable, and trustworthy data sharing environment, aligning perfectly with the meeting’s vision of reshaping the future of scientific exploration. 

You can find more about this Townhall Meeting here: EGU 2023 Townhall Meeting 


GREAT’s Expanding Horizons: Forging International Collaborations Beyond EGU 2023 

Furthermore, GREAT’s active presence at EGU 2023 paved the way for exciting international collaborations. Our engagement at the conference allowed us to initiate new contacts and expand our network, extending far beyond the borders of the European Union. As a direct outcome of these connections, representatives from GREAT are thrilled to announce their participation in an upcoming event, eResearch Australasia conference 2023, scheduled for this autumn in Australia. This global gathering promises to be an excellent platform for sharing information, exchanging best practices, and collaborating with colleagues on a global scale. It underscores GREAT’s commitment to fostering international partnerships and advancing the field of Earth and space sciences worldwide. 



These activities at EGU 2023 were instrumental in fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and advancing research in geosciences. To delve deeper into the presentations and discussions, explore the EGU program for more details.