GREAT Project at the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) Connected Smart & Sustainable Cities Conference

Our colleague Nuria De Lama represented GREAT at a panel on “How not to reinvent the wheel-Linking data spaces initiatives” at the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) Connected Smart and #SustainableCities and Communities Conference in Brussels.

🎯 The discussions’ main goal was identifying synergies between data spaces and, in particular, their relationships with smart cities and communities.

❔ Main questions shared with the panellists included the definition of assets that can be reused by different data spaces, co-creation, collaboration methods and tools to collaborate with the @dataspacessupportcentre and expectations from this one.

🌿 GREAT has been presented as a data space with very special characteristics: its complexity because of the need to consider former investments in big data infrastructures like #Copernicus, the engagement of both public & private sectors in line with twofold benefits that include use cases with economic benefit but also a wide umbrella of use cases with high societal impact and finally, the need to consider global approaches and combination of European and global data sets, since challenges like #climatechange are of #global nature with local effects.


Nuria De Lama (IDC4EU; representing the Green Deal Data Space GREAT),
Sophie Meszaros (Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), representing the Smart Cities and Communities Data Space | DS4SSCC),
Svetoslav Mihaylov (European Commission, representing the set of projects working towards an Energy Data Space)
Teemu Ropponen (MyData Global, representing the DS4Skills – Data Space for Skills)

All of them were successfully moderated by Clara Pezuela (FIWARE, member of the DSSC.